Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vancouver Shop: February Window

I collect heart rocks.

I admit it. I find them cute and fascinating, and I see them everywhere. I used to keep them as worry stones - you know, the ones you keep in your pocket to rub when you feel tense. It was reassuring to find that cold heart-shape in my pocket and rub it until it, and my demeanor, became warm.

I was surprised to find that Nicaragua was the motherland of heart rocks. I don't think you'll find it described as that in any guide books, but the place is covered in heart-shaped rocks, and things (I'll have to post the photos I took of cracks and mildew and peeling paint that I saw forming heart shapes). I came up with the idea for the February window while picking up rocks on Maderas Beach near San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua.

The Main Street shop window now prominently displays a portion of my collection for VD, you know that day when restaurants are overbooked, dinners and roses are over-priced, ill fitting lingerie becomes a respectable gift, and people attempt to express their feelings for their significant others. I have to admit to wavering between being repulsed by the Hallmark holiday, and looking forward to the knowledge that people will take time out to express their appreciation for their partners and bask in the knowledge that they too are loved. In the spirit of the sweetness of Valentines Day, here's the window display (complete with Anatomical Heart Duvet!):


Mia said...

what a beautiful idea!!! Thanks for sharing your heart-shaped rock collection.

glenda said...

Thanks Mia! Always happy to share my obsessions, I mean collections, with you.