Friday, February 25, 2011

Lily Inspiration: Leather Scraps

-A pile of patches awaiting silkscreened adornment-

You remember the other day how we got a whole bunch of leather patches and made them into adorable little wallets? Well, even more excitingly we just got all of the scraps that were leftover from when those patches were cut out in the first place! Perfect ovals are fun to work with, but scraps! Scraps of anything are so inviting. They are all oddly shaped just begging to be re-worked into something.
-The extent of our small scrap collection-

I sat down yesterday with Mr. Smith our leather sewing machine and started to see what we could come up with... A patchwork bag perhaps?? The girls joked that I should sew ALL of the scraps into one big piece that we could roll onto a tube. Yeah right. Mr. Smith said that he wouldn't have any part of that.
-The beginning of a patch bag I'm working on-

I am excited to see all the great things that will come out of these boxes of srumpled and cast off bits! Very inspiring indeed!
- Scraps being cut into Cameo Belts-

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jt said...

oh Smoking Lily... you always continue to amaze me with your new ideas and designs--that bag is lovely!