Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vancouver Update: Cute new things!

It's been a lovely couple of brisk, sunny days here at the Vancouver shop and I am really enjoying the rain-break (hello, suede shoes--nice to see you again!). Adding to the happy, Spring-y feel, we've got some fabulous new goodies in the shop:

This smashing, tailored jacket (yet-to-be-named, $142) is made from a denim-looking cotton hemp blend and has a great, rumply linen feel to it. It's not showing in these photos, but the lining is a fantastic shade of dark-ish petal pink that really says "Spring" to me....I also really like it paired with the dark denim Hester Skirt in a sort of "classy Canadian tuxedo" kind of way. Har har. (p.s. The insanely awesome orange floral top peeking out underneath is our Shaughnessy Blouse in a crazy new crepe-y silk fabric. $97)

The box today also brought the Cape of Good Hope in two new colours: a lovely blue and a soft, mossy green. I really, really love the all-over tulip print on the blue cape pictured above--is there anything more "Spring" than a cape covered in tulips? Or, for that matter, how "year of the rabbit" is the photo below? Hee hee...

A lovely detail on the green capes is the use of grey-green powder-coated zippers--awesome!

And last, but not least, are these cute red Underlovlies printed with anatomical hearts. Perfect for Valentine's! Ok, *barf*, I know, but I had to say it!


Anonymous said...

I love that jacket!! As well as the blouse! Will they be available online too at some point?? :-)

It's All Happening said...

GASP! See you soon. S

Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

Thanks! and yes, we'll get the photos up on the website this weekend.