Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cool Gift: Custom Songs!

Our awesome Saturday shop girl in Vancouver, Christina, is always entertaining us with animated stories about the rest of her week outside Lily. She seems to get up to kooky things consistently, but she's such a good story teller she could probably make organizing the recycling sound fun.

I was thinking that the gift for story-telling must run in her family, as Christina's multi-talented sister, Laura, is currently running an hilariously informative home renovations blog called Lez Renovate with her girlfriend Jacqs, AND she has a home-based business creating custom songs (plus a myriad of other projects). Yes! You can hire her to weave the story for a custom song from scratch for your loved ones, friends or enemies. It's the best gift ever! She composes the song, writes the lyrics (story-telling with help from a questionnaire that you fill out) and performs it (plays all the instruments and sings). She can work with any music genre and has samples for you to listen to on her website

I have been itching to tell you about Laura, but have had to hold off as I had contracted her to create a song for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. I'm an Aries, so... I am NOT great with secrets. It was a tough one for me, but by now he has his CD in his hands (I'm in Vegas with Trish checking out tradeshows - very unromantic, but kind of exciting), and I'm able to happily to spread the word about Laura's Custom Songs without fear of ruining the surprise.

Here's the photo I chose for the CD cover. I'll post the song on the blog upon my return.

Have fun dreaming up themes and genres for someone you'd like to give a super personalized gift to.

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Daegan said...

can't wait to hear it!!!