Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vancouver Spotlight: Wallets

We like to provide you with ever-changing options for organizing your personal assortment of identification, financial plastic and good ol' fashioned hard currency. Wallets can be fun! Well, at the very least they can be practical and pretty.

Here's our latest creation, the Spanish Banks coin wallet. It has a key-ring so that your coins will be jingling close at hand for parking meters, or for a tray of those fries from the Spanish Banks beach concession stand. I just got one to hang from my new car key (I'll have to post photos of the cutie - can't believe I'm a sports car girl now!).

These cute wallets are made from suede elbow patches! Ingenious - $19.

The Good Wallet continues to make people happy - especially Erin, who loves to show our customers her well-loved wallet in action. Our most beautifully engineered wallet to date has fully divided compartments, a pen holder, lots of room and a wrist strap - $101.

The Pat Wallet is a small, snap closure device that is great for travel, or for everyday use for those of you who like to carry only the essentials - $35.

The Jack Wallet is a larger version of the Pat, with more room to cram (I mean organize) your receipts and that favorite lip gloss. This is Trish's wallet of choice - $55.


Smoking Lily said...

We just made another wallet this afternoon that will be number 5!

Erin said...