Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretty in Hot Pink

The Milkman's Daughter got a little brighter with a fresh, vibrant new colour for spring--and it happened on Valentine's Day! From pink to REALLY pink...

Makes for a pretty backdrop.

Another new addition to the shop is this fabulous 'BarnYard' coffee table by local artist Tim Hoey. Awesome :)

Ah, Spring! It's here, right?!


Janet said...

wow - love the hot pink!
i live in vancouver but can't wait to visit your victoria store! what dress is that - it's beautiful! is it coming to sl soon??!!

Smoking Lily said...

Thanks! We love the hot new colour too! The dress is the Luv Affair which is available in black at all locations; the print in the photo is a very small limited edition available only at The Milkman's Daughter. Call to see if we have your size.