Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vancouver Update: Hanami Earrings

We have a full range of Hanami Earrings in the Vancouver and Victoria shops right now.

These lightweight, pretty and quirky earrings are made by Brenda MacDonald, a Montreal based jewelry designer who studied Fashion Design and now works in the fashion industry in Montreal. Brenda started making the Hanami accessories line as a personal outlet for her creativity.

There is a heavy influence of Japanese kitschy cuteness and floral detail in her work, a result of her having lived in Japan for 5 years. Brenda is also inspired by vintage patterned fabrics and papers. As well, animals feature prominently on many of her pieces, including mythical ones. She says "I do so wish that the Jackalope were a real creature...!" (Photo of the jackalope earrings to come soon.)

All the earrings featured below are her own designs printed on paper and hand-coated in resin. They are light weight and durable. The earrings are just $20 a pair.

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