Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vancouver Update: UPCYCLED Brooches

Back in March, Erin and I commented on a customer's cute fabric floral brooch. I asked her where she got it and she replied that she had made it - cool. Upon further inquiry, it turned out that she had just made a few for herself and friends. When I express interest in carrying them in Smoking Lily, she was surprised, but interested.

Turns out Stephanie is a really motivated gal. Within a week she brought in a nice array of brooches to choose from. They sold really well. I'm sure you can see why. She creates her lovely accessories using only second-hand leather, fabric and buttons. They have a lot of personality.

Now the story turns into a Thomas The Tank Engine feel good drama. When dropping off the latest shipment today (the fourth shipment since April), she told us that she quit her day job to pursue a home-based business. So exciting for her! And so inspiring for all of us who have thought "I wonder if I could work for myself selling what I make, rather than working for someone else?" Guess what? You can! There's some Smoking Lily spirit in there, for sure!

All UPCYCLED (her new business name) brooches are just $20 each. We have a nice variety available in the Main Street (Vancouver) and Johnson Street (Victoria) shops, including lovely red poppies. We're hoping she gets carried in shops across Canada. Go Stephanie!


It's All Happening said...

Totally! That's an awesome story! Go Stephanie indeed. :)

granitegirl08 said...

LOVE the red poppies - how wonderful to finally have a more lasting tribute to honour & remember victims of war! Please carry these on-line, or let us know how to get outside Canada.

Smoking Lily said...

love the last photo! I think I need one, and I think we should sell them at Milk.

Smoking Lily Vancouver said...

I will send some over to Victoria on Monday for The Milkman's Daughter!