Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sidney by the Sea

One afternoon I was feeling the need for a chai latte and some window shopping, so I drove out to "Sidney by the Sea," a small town just north of Victoria on the Saanich Pennisula, and sauntered the streets. As I walked by the Sidney Historical Museum and Archives I noticed it was featuring the Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners Guild. I knew I had to go in.

The exhibit was fantastic. The women of the Guild had made silk hats from scratch, hats from their dogs' hair, knitted hats, woven hats, felted hats....It was incredible. I stared and examined in awe for over an hour.

Since I was there for so long, I was lucky to meet some of the women who crafted the exhibit. Heidi Schneider joyfully filled me in on all the details.

The blue hat below was made by Sylvia Anderson and embellished by Audrey Bryant

Alix Day hand spun her Samoyed dog's hair into this white topper.

Audrey Bryant made a silk hat infused with paper, which she molded into shape and then embroidered and embellished with thread, yarn, beads, poppy seed heads and root-ends of garlic cloves.

The Guild has over 50 members. They meet on Tuesdays to work on their projects. I'm still amazed by the talent these women have. The Sidney Museum is open 7 days a week and is by donation.

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Mia said...

These women are so amazingly crafty! I like the last hat - the one with paper and cloves. Wow.