Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Last Halloween Post

As per your request Trish, here is Bender! Blair is also a Smoking Lily model. His robot fiancé is Christina, our Saturday shop girl. The Mermaid is Rebecca, who has been a regular fill-in girl in the Vancouver shop in the past.

And with Erin is her husband, and Smoking Lily model, Scott - or "The Bearded Lady of Dubai".

Look who we bumped into while Trick or Treating with my 8 year old niece - The Scooby Doo Gang! Nicely done!

And finally, where's Rhonda?

Her Swamp Creature costumer was awesome (she walked throughout the neighbourhood in flippers covered in moss and leaves - nice effort). I was really happy to hear that she won $50 in a costume contest. The call out in the bar was "and Best Costume goes to.......Plant Lady!" You can see why!

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