Thursday, November 25, 2010

Studio Update: Festive Skirt

Have you been thinking "Ohh here we go. It's THAT time of year again. Choose from one/all of the following: My Boss, Grandma, Mother In-Law, Weird Neighbor, Good friend with potential dating possibility friend is going to invite me to go to that (choose from one/all of the following: office, family, Christmas, New Year's) Party and I am going to have to look hot. Not only am I going to have to look hot, but I am going to have to keep in mind that it's minus eighty degrees out. The current trend of leopard print Snuggie to woolen everything and back that has been going on the past week may not go over too great. Fuzzy socks? Yeah, not so much.Well here in the Smoking Lily studio we have come up with the perfect thing. We thought back to all of the awesome skirts that have come and gone and decided that there needed to be a revival of the Sooke Skirt. This skirt has an awesome detail of cute round pocket, (nothing else out there like it!) comfortable waistband and an ever flattering A-line, well, line. We located a gorgeous velvet with a thick wale (those lines like on corduroy) and printed it with a beautiful black leaf. They come in three highly compatible with what you might already have for a top colours: moss green, forest green and charcoal grey. Each pocket has a unique print peeking out from its circular frame. Combine this with nice tights, that top we were talking about and those awesome boots you scored at Winners, and there ya go. Keeping hotness, stylishness and holiday appropriate all in mind.


Mia said...

sign me up for one of these!! Amazing!

Chris said...

Cute! I think the charcoal will be calling my name once these hit the web site.