Monday, August 29, 2011

Vanilla Poached Peaches

I have been enjoying many lovely breakfasts in the garden lately - August has been fantastic in Vancouver. The garden table is in a lovely spot with the tomatoes looming large, the beets tickling your ankles under the table and the chairs sinking sideways into the soft soil. It's feels a little like a child's tea party.

Here's a couple of views of our garden table (one with a Lily linen tablecloth):

Yesterday, after enjoying a breakfast of pan-fried oysters that we shared with our upstairs neighbour, my boyfriend declared that he would love to have vanilla poached peaches for breakfast the following day. It was an interesting request (although I had just purchased 10 pounds of peaches the previous day at a farm stand), as I have never made poached peaches before and he had never mentioned them, but I agreed that it would be a delicious breakfast. So, I did the standard internet search for recipes, blended a few, picked up a vanilla bean and this morning got to work. It was a little time consuming, but fun and the result was so worth it - visually and gastronomically!

I think I may want to turn this whole box of peaches into the glistening gems that follow.


Anonymous said...

Yum! Peaches taste way better than pears anyway.

glenda said...

Oops that was a typo. I have now corrected the "pears" request. He did actually request peaches, I just hadn't thought of them before and instead kept thinking pears. Guess my fingers, while typing, did too. Thanks!

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