Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vancouver Update: Cycling Mania!

If you don't generally tune in to The Early Edition on CBC Radio One, you've probably never heard High Velocity, a regular "column" on the show (Wednesdays at 7:50 a.m.) by local radio personality (and wonderful Vancouver shop regular!), Margaret Gallagher. It's a great little report on the local cycling scene and all the issues related to riding your bike in Vancouver.

This morning, Margaret was discussing the controversy surrounding B.C.'s mandatory helmet law; apparently there is a legal challenge currently underway in the name of increasing cyclist safety. I had no idea there was any ambiguity about helmets being good for cyclists' safety, but the programme had some very interesting food for thought. The main argument seems to be that getting a critical mass of riders on the street (which mandatory helmets for adults discourages) does more to increase driver awareness and, therefore, cyclist safety on the road than the benefit provided by helmets in case of a crash. Does anybody know more about these wild new ideas?

In any event, the whole thing got me thinking about hopping my bike and some of the best pieces in the shop right now for going for a ride....with a helmet, of course!

Our leather Bike Bag (on sale for $62) is a great way to travel around town with a few necessities in style. Even better, it comes with a detachable shoulder strap for when your bike is parked!

Our Simple Tees ($29--$34) are nice and long, so your backside won't be showing (no matter how low you've got your handle bars set!). Currently available in a selection of light-weight bamboo jersey and cotton, they are very soft, breathable, and good for layering.

The Garden State Dress ($108) is made of soft, breathable bamboo jersey and has a comfortable, swingy skirt with lots of room for movement. Bamboo jersey is great for getting sweaty in, as it dries out much, much faster than cotton and is naturally anti-microbial--a fancy way of saying that you wont get stinky even if you're sweaty!

Last, but not least, I absolutely love wearing my Cypress Skirt (linen on sale for $89, cotton $69) while riding around town. The high, wide waistband is super comfortable (and good for hiding tummies!), while the full skirt is roomy and long enough to avoid accidental dismount flashing--yay!


Mia said...

Love the post! In fact, I find that all Lily skirts and dresses, since so many are A-line or close (with the exception of the Hester) are excellent on bikes... even the Hester, with a pair of opaque tights, can go on a bike!

Can't wait for more merino wool goodness to come through Lily - what a bike friendly (as in, sweat friendly) material!

Erin said...

Too true, Mia. Merino wool is definitely Mother Nature's high-performance sport fabric!