Thursday, August 25, 2011

Studio Update-athon!

La la la, Thursdays in the studio and the ladies are gettin things done. Thank goodness it's cooler than yesterday or you'd be peeling us all of the floor at quittin' time.

The disembodied hands above belong to Nicole, who's churning out some Banff skirts (that pic reminds me of Thing from the Addams Family. Best butler ever award?).

Above is the lovely jo-jo-bean ready for snippin' and sewin' of a new sample top.

And this is Rose giving me a hand drying some of our lovely wool scarves (yummy yellow is a big winner for punches of colour this Fall and Winter).

Last I figured you'd all be stoked and ready for our super comfy fall dress: The Frontenac (advice for pronuciantion: imagine you are Jean Chretien).

Cute print of Canoes and Spotted Feather on the black is tres adorable. Also notice the booty? This dress is friends with bootylicious ladies.

And on the olive Frontenacs (more green than they appear in the pic above) are prints of the giant spotted feather. These dresses in stores everywhere tomorrow!


jt said...

my oh my! That dress looks gorgeous on you. Might just have to break out my wallet..

Anonymous said...

That giant feather is soooooo beautiful.