Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vancouver Update: Fall garments arriving in shops today!

We are pretty excited about our new Fall line! Fortunately pieces start to arrive in stores today (and are available for mail order too), so we no longer have to contain our enthusiasm - phew.

We will be posting photos, descriptions and prices on our website on Thursday. Until then, I am going to reveal some photos to you via a few blog posts today. Here we go.....

Red Corduroy Dress! Zed for short.

Frontenac Dress!


Rockinronnie said...

Great pics!...good job Mz./Mr. Photographer. Pssst...some of the thumbs on the left are 'broken'. I could fix this for you ... talk to Rachael...ciao..Rockinronnie

Smoking Lily said...

Hi Ron! Hope all is well up island. The thumbnails are broken because we are just in the process of switching over to a brand spanking new website! When the new site is up go through it and see if we need to fix anything.