Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lily Inspiration: Maternity Fashion (and Comfort!)

Okay, I admit it, I am not a fan of "maternity" clothes. The idea of buying an entire wardrobe of commercially produced, synthetic and uncomfortable garments that I will only wear for the short time in which my belly measurement will exceed every other part of my body is not appealing to my financial or fashion sensibilities. So far, I have managed to escape purchasing outside my comfort zone and I'm happy to report I've found many Smoking Lily items which have grown with me and my baby, which I'll be wearing long after he or she is snuggling in my arms.

The Hama Hama top was great in the beginning (and perfect for nursing), but now that I'm in my 7th month, the length of the Simple Tee provides flattering coverage and stretch.

The Petite Anglais is by far my favorite skirt, with a wide stretchy waistband and front/back reversible option. Plus I can wear the skirt above or below the knee too, making this super comfy pencil skirt even more versatile.

The Fandango skirt has an elasticized waistband and sits below my baby belly. It hits just below the knee for a fun, flirty sashay.

Our new Frontenac dress (in Black and Olive hemp jersey) is very cute wore with or without the two-tone braided belt, and looks extra special with an Obi Belt.

For special occasions, our Print Your Own service can dress up your own garment with one of our prints. While there are limitations on the fabric we can silk screen on (it has to be at least 60% natural fibers and we can't print over seams or on bumpy fabric), this option can add a finishing touch to an otherwise plain garment. Contact our in-store personnel for details on this service.

Simple Tee in Red $34 and Wool Fandango Skirt in Black $55

The Frontenac Dress in black $102 with cotton Obi Belt $44


glenda said...

Lookin' good Aiko!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I'm 5.5 months along and have been rocking my smoking lily skirts during every phase of pregnancy so far. So much better than traditional maternity clothes, I agree!