Thursday, August 18, 2011

Studio Update: Olive Hama Hamas

New this week, we are in production of a new shade of Hama Hama top. This front/back reversible Smoking Lily classic, for those of you who haven't tried one on yet, is close to the body, flattering and features a wide boatneck in a Bamboo-Lycra fabric that is at once drapey and stretchy. Comfortable enough to sleep in, structured enough to wear to the office, breathable and all around delightful!

Liz printing samaras (Maple Pods) on Olive Hama Hama tops $44

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Anonymous said...

I love this top, but it's way too long on me. Any chance of petite sizing for us short-waisted ladies? Also, what is the total length on the Jasper skirt?