Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vancouver Update: Spring-y(ish)...

Having survived "Blue Monday" yesterday, I must admit to feeling a little Spring-y today. Yes, despite some fairly lackluster weather, something fresh and new seems to be stirring. Could it be the amazing job the fabulous Ms. Margaret did of rearranging the shop a couple of days ago (the vignette at left makes me particularly happy; I feel the combination of bright tea towels, fern, and Woolly Pocket make for a triumverate of lovely)? Could it be that I know the girls in the studio are busy working on a slew of amazing Spring designs--coming very soon--that I can't wait to see? Is it that Glenda returns from almost three weeks in Nicaragua on Thursday and I'm anticipating a full rundown of exciting, sun-kissed tales of adventure??

Perhaps a little of everything is at work, but our bedding is looking particularly fresh to me today. Moreover, we unpacked a one-of-a-kind, double-sized anatomical heart duvet set this morning ($225). One-of-a-kind is always exciting! (On that note, if you've been pining for one of these beauties in something smaller than a queen, give us a call....I'm thinking it won't be here for long!)

Also new in the shop are navy and light blue Underlovlies. These little guys went over so well at Christmas, we now have them in half a dozen colours and a slew of wacky prints....

And, to end things off with something old after all this talk of new: Margaret was wearing this amazing vintage Smoking Lily scarf today and I just couldn't resist taking a snap of it.

...and, yes, before you say it, I know we've gotten in hot water before by posting neat things from the past that aren't available now. But it's red plaid backed with pink silk and "bum birds"! I couldn't resist!!

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