Thursday, January 27, 2011

Love Affair Dress

Spring is about to be sprung, I can see the buds yearning to open on cherry blossom trees and you can spy all the snow drops peaking out of the winter earth.

With so much life, maybe it's time for some new infatuation, mais oui? You can look fabulous while indulging in any new desires, men or otherwise, in our new frock the Love Affair Dress. This simple, classic pull over fitted dress is made luxurious via the material. A sexy sueded cotton makes it extremely touchable.

The Love Affair dress was inspired by the vivacious voluptuous va-va-voom Christina Hendricks (from the series Mad Men) and is a dress for ladies who love their body, any size or shape. It will be hitting stores this weekend so come to any of our 3 locations and try one on.

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Anonymous said...

Ve-ve-very fetching! :)