Monday, January 10, 2011

Joan Rivers is Awesome

Having decided to be total vegetables and watch movies all night last Friday, Scott and I settled on the unusual combination of The Social Network and Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. While I would definitely reccomend The Social Network--it had a surprising amount of emotional pull, if not, apparently, a lot of factual accuracy--we were blown away by the Joan Rivers documentary.

First, she is absolutely hilarious. The things that come out of that woman's mouth, never mind the fact she was seventy-five when it was filmed--wow. I am a big fan of the shockingly inappropriate in comedy, and Ms. Rivers is clearly a master of that game. (I missed out on seeing her on the Johnny Carson Show and only have vague recollections of her talk shows, so this film was really my first introduction to her stand-up.) More than the comedy, however, the movie is a fascinating portrait of a showbiz workaholic and the emotional impact wreaked by the ups and downs of a long career as an entertainer....Oh, yes, and then there's the plastic surgery:p

*Warning! This clip is filled with horrible language! And hilarity!*

Thanks to this site for the vintage photo of Joan!

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