Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spring Sneak Peak: A Teaser!

Our fabulous new Spring line isn't quiiite ready to hit the shelves yet, but I wanted to be mean and post some pics of the first shirt we'll have! Hee hee....The fabric is a really beautiful rayon in a fantastic, bright, fresh teal. I generally love rayon, as it often has a similar drape and feel to silk, but without the same level of fussiness. The best part about this fabric is the pattern, however: weird, mini-paisley or jellybeans? You decide!

Margaret's obviously going to have to have one of these shirts since it matches her ink so well (ha!), but if you'd like one, too, they should be in the shops soon, so don't fret!


Anonymous said...

Jelly beans!!!

Erin said...

That's what I think, too!