Friday, January 7, 2011

Lily Inspiration: Tone-On-Tone

Here in the shop we spend so much time discussing cut, form, the pros and cons of various necklines on different body types, etc., I find it is easy to loose sight of one of the most important things: colour! Colour is such a key element in fashion and how we dress; the very same item in red, as opposed to blue, will have a completely different look and feel to it!

Lately I have really been into "tone-on-tone" looks and colour blocking (yes, those are my grey legs and feet!). Bright juxtaposition can be very fun--and Glenda is a master of the very difficult art of layering bright colours and divergent shapes--but these days I find myself drawn to the quieter sophistication of more nuanced contrasts. Some random examples (and please excuse my crummy cellphone photography!):

This is a special order Hama Hama that arrived in the shop a couple days ago. It's a little hard to pick out the colours in this picture, but it has a really fantastic melange of dark and light grey inks over a black background. Plus, there are skulls. Lots of skulls. (No-brainer, I know!)

This is a close-up of the beautiful white-on-white floral fabric that backs an anatomical heart duvet cover in the shop at the moment. It's such a gorgeous, subtle contrast...

Ah, the remnants of a manicure with a polish almost exactly the same colour as my skin. Subtle and sophisticated a week ago? Yes! Looking a little chipped and white trash at the moment? Definitely! But you get the idea...

Not to get too "Lauren Hutton" on everyone, but I just love the effect of the lavender printing on this purple cotton obi.

And last, but not least, is this super cute kid pulled off The Sartorialist. All the brown and tan tone-on-tone, with a little pale pink thrown in for yet more subtle contrast? Awesome. Why didn't anybody tell me to dress like this when I was twelve?!!? Come to think of it, why didn't anybody tell me to dress like this when I was twenty?? Hhmmm......

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