Friday, January 21, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Bag

A couple of weeks ago Jo-anne wrote a blog about the "Perfect Bag" and we thought you might like an update on what is happening. We sewed a few samples and realized that we had created a pretty awesome bag, though not the perfect bag. The perfect bag is still in the required the perfect fabric. After phoning every fabric rep on the West Coast that we knew, checking numerous online fabric shops and reading too many forums, we think we finally located what we were looking for and we are currently awaiting samples. In the mean time, we have made a really good bag...not the perfect bag, but a really, really good bag. Here is how it stacks up to your check list:

1. Zipper Closure? Check
2. Size: Can you fit lunch in it? Check. Laptop? Check. Egg carton? Check (we put in a hard bottom to protect fragile cargo). Cardigan? Check. Book? Check. Carry all the above at the same time? Have to take the laptop out.
3. External pockets? Check. Secure closure? Don't know--it is a magnetic closure.
4. Adjustable strap? Nope.
5. Inside pocket? Yes. Pen holder? Yes
6. Leather? Leather strap over the shoulder plus leather accents on pockets
7. Not a bike bag shape? Check (it's almost a feedbag shape).
8. Spot cleanable lining? Soft plaid flannel that hides all dirt.
9. Light weight? Oh, yeah!
10. Water proof? Hmmm, the jury is still out on that. The clear coated canvas is water proof, the seams are not--but I used it in "The Rain" a few days ago and everything was toasty dry.
11. Goes from office to the woods? I personally prefer a back pack or hip sack for hiking.
12. Cleaver expandability? Nope.
13. Umbrella pocket? Nope.
14. Really, really, really nice? Oh, yeah!

Check out Glenda's blog below for photos of the finished bag. Many new colours coming in the next week.

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