Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lily Home: Pillows!

Despite the disbelief of most boys, nothing makes a home cozy like lots of pillows, and we've got lots in the shops right now! Available with or without a form ($58/$78), the linen beauty on the left comes in an ecru colour that goes well with just about anything. We have a multitude of prints ready-made at the moment and this little guy is generally available for custom orders (though I should mention that they are insanely busy at the studio right now).

The fabulous remnant pillows (pictured above atop a Lily Hassock) are also back in stock. Weighing in at approximately one zillion pounds, these pillows are fantastic for households with lots of pint-sized members and/or very large men--the two demographics I find most prone to killing regular, "fluffy" throw cushions. In addition to their general indestructibility, the remnant pillows are super green, as they're made from little scraps at the studio too small to do anything else with....And did I mention that they're $21?!!?

Additionally, we have a great selection of pillow cases available at the moment. Ranging in style and price ($58--$85/set of two), we have all sorts of prints for accompanying all sorts of bedding schemes.

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