Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Miracles: Ochazuke

Miracle may be a little over-doing it, but I am prone to exaggeration, and to running out of the house without a home-made lunch in the morning. So, imagine my delight when while getting ready for another busy day in the Vancouver shop, my boyfriend delivers a lunch parcel to my door (granted he does live next-door, but any food delivery is welcome in my home!). The lunch contained some of his home-made Japanese pickles (which are excellent) and this secret parcel - sweet!

Yes, the Furoshiki is a pot kerchief. I did mention this miracle was instigated by a boy, right?

When I got to work, I sneaked a quick peak into the parcel and found that my lunch would include Ochazuke, one of my new favourite comfort foods - yay!

So mid-day, I made myself a cup of green tea and started the process of making the heart-warming Ochazuke.

Inside the Furoshiki was a jar (my favourite method of food and drink transport) of Japanese rice with an Umeboshi plum, and the magical packet of goodness.

I sprinkled the magical goodness over the rice and...

...then poured the green tea over it all. Mmmmm, the scent of the tea and the dashi and seaweed is so comforting. And the Umeboshi adds such a wonderful tartness to the dish.

and so, another Christmas miracle ends with a warm fuzzy feeling, mmm...

May your holidays be filled with many special little moments!

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Smoking Lily said...

A few weeks ago at Milk, I had the pleasure of meeting Jenn Playford, a local graphic artist who wrote a book "Wrapagami, the Art of Fabric Gift Wraps" on furoshiki. She also designs and sells her fabric prints on her website.