Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lily Spotlight: Ornaments!

I love that in the height of the holiday hoopla, the creative geniuses at the studio manage to come up with brand new items that cause customers to squeal and giggle!

Mixed media ornaments with skeletons, deer, teeth and many more prints you wouldn't expect to see with ribbons and sequins. There are a fun assortment of colourful decorations to choose from.

Children and septuagenarians alike have been walking about the shop showing these to their shopping mates, so we know they're a good gift for those of all ages.


Mia said...

I love the dinosaurs.

glenda said...

Thanks Mia! But I must give credit for the dinosaur idea to Jules, from her Pancakes and French Fries blog, here's the link:

When I saw them in August I thought "Perfect!!! My holiday theme for the Vancouver shop this year will be Techno-Dinosaurs!" We often call ourselves (with pride, of course) Techno-Peasants, as we still hand silk-screen everything and use 1950's accounting practices... So my holiday theme was set. I sparkled an old typewriter (are there new ones?) and a dial telephone and some pencils that had been worked to the bone over a few month-end math sessions, and of course, dozens of dinosaurs.

We just love having them in the shop. I should really do a proper blog post and thank Jules formally for her super awesome idea!

Mia said...

I love the inspiration, and I always admire your creativity and handiness, Glenda! I'm going to have to follow suit and glitter me some dinos!

glenda said...

Micro glitter, and using it outdoors, are my big tips for you Mia. Have fun!!