Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea: Lily Leather Brooches

Ok, as I look back over our blog I realize that my last 2 holiday gift idea blog posts were repeats, oops. Jo-anne did the first Gift Idea blog post on Tea Cozies, and then the "new girl" did a fabulous blog post sharing a multitude gift ideas including Calendar Tea Towels. Perhaps "holiday retail brain" (as Erin likes to call it) has officially hit me. I could say that I was just trying to remind you but...

So, here, for some new eye candy, is a completely new gift idea - our completely new printed leather brooches. Sweet adornment for coats and dresses and cardigans and handbags. A perfectly sweet little $10 gift.

The floral brooch at the top of the photo is one of the last couple of Upcycled fabric brooches we have in stock at the Vancouver shop (also sweet, $20).

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