Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vancouver Update: The Milkman's Daughter Rocks!

This was supposed to be a Vancouver update, but I just received an email that our new Victoria location (The Milkman's Daughter) received kudos in the Victoria Times-Colonist. Victoria fashion writer, Sarah Petrescu, named Smoking Lily's latest creation "Best New Handmade Store"! In this era of DIY, that's definitely a mention to be proud of.

To make the leap to a Vancouver post, she did mention the silk-screened ice skates that were our Vancouver winter window display last year!

Cheers to Trish and her continued conceptual creativity - yay fearless leader!!!


Susan said...

On a recent trip to Victoria with my family, I was hoping to visit The Milkman's Daughter but was reluctant to force my family to endure any more shopping. To my surprise my husband not only popped his head into the original store, but he asked for directions to the new store. He wanted to see the store for himself! When we walked into the store, the kids found lots of things to look at (they have spent a lot of time staring in the windows of the Johnson street store) and my husband walked straight to the back, took one look at the jellyfish duvet on display and told me he thought we should buy it. My jaw almost hit the floor. We walked out with a new duvet and a scarf for myself and one happy family. Thanks so much for all that you do!

Chris said...

I just discovered your store when we were in Victoria a few days ago. I love, love love everything in it! The fox capelet in the window is to die for.