Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your Very Own Garage Sale Poster

With only a week left until our Charity Garage Sale, I thought I'd upload our beautiful poster in hot pink! So, if you fancy, print one or two or three off and post it up somewhere in town or even just put it up on your fridge as a reminder!


Anonymous said...

Amazing job on the garage sale, word has travelled all the way up to Gabriola Island about it, and there is a carivan of a couple of vehicles coming down to attend it... Love the pink poster :)

Anonymous said...

So exciting! I will be there early with my folding chair and mug of tea.

lofiprincess at gmail dot com

colleenrose said...

This will be my first time at your garage sale and I'm thoroughly intrigued. My sister introduced me to Smoking Lily years ago. In fact, it's her 30th b-day this Friday night and she is a HUGE fan of your store!! It would make her day to join you Friday night! :-)

colleenrose at shaw dot ca

N said...

Very excited that you are having the garage sale for another year. always so much fun, with so many beautiful and unique lily things!!

see you soon!!


Grace said...

I'm so excited about the Smoking Lily garage sale! My friends and I have been gearing up for our 6th year at the event. Can't wait to see all the great bargains.

Brandy said...

Looking forward to it - thanks for doing this ladies. Not only are the deals amazing, but so is the $ that goes to charity!

brandyj.patterson at gmail dot com

angelamonkey said...

We're a pair of garage sale virgins, we can't wait!
angelamonkey at hotmail dot com