Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Garage Sale News

The sale is just days away and we are getting so excited at the studio.  It kind of feels Santa's workshop, but with better music and way better looking craft's people. We've made our schedule for the week and hopefully have remembered all the little things that need doing so you'll have a pleasant time while you're here. According to my dashboard weather forecaster, it isn't going to rain, yah. 

Here is a list of answers to some of your questions and some tips to make things go easier for you.

1. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit and cash only.
2. First come, first serve.  Line up in order that you arrive, don't join your friends at the front of the line,                        be courteous to the people who have been waiting way longer than you.  
3. You can still Vote for your favourite charity at the sale.
4. Stuff and Shop. Bring your own tote bag, it will makes shopping so much easier for you.  
5.  All sales are final. No haggling, chances are we know about the hole in the item... that's why its on sale. 
6. Have fun! Celebrate the first day of Spring! with a new outfit.

Tomorrow we will announce the lucky winner of out 'leave a comment on our blog contest'.


dendro designs said...

Looking forward to it!

cs said...

The Silk Screening is amazing, everyones projects turned out so well. The mystery of silk screening, I am thinking I would love to take up some classes, with the Smoking Lilly Gals..Will classes be on Monday nights?

todd said...

I moved to Victoria from Montreal a few years ago and felt a little discouraged by the lack of Boutiques. Then I dicovered 'Smoking Lily'. I love your screening/clothing. Can't wait to smoke my bank account at the garage sale!!!
See you soon,

emilyjean0 said...

Oh my goodness I am such an idiot!!! I had no idea there was a possibility to win a pass to the VIP party. I am a HUGE Lily fan. I bought my first article when I was 19, 12 years ago, a white boat neck long sleeved t-shirt with a black fly screen printed on it. There was a unique black smudge on the fly which made the print truely one of a kind. That started my Lily addiction, a day does not pass when I don't where either a Lily scarf, skirt, cape, top, over thing, or carry my Annie Oakley gun print bag/wallety thing. Now why I would be so ever greatful to attend the VIP party. Well several things need to align in order for me to attend the garage sale...My husband is a fulltime student and has his first final exam on Saturday morning so my lovely 60 ys old Mom (who has health issues) has agreed to line up before breakfast for me. So then I need to get my two daughters fed and ready (youngest breastfed) for my fabulous inlaws to come over at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning to babysit until I return. Then I skip down to relieve my lovely (have I mentioned just how lovely she is) Mom and send her back to bed so I can continue waiting in line for a chance to score some Lily loot. Now I still have to keep my fingers crossed that my youngest daughter will be content to not nurse for several hours to allow me time to shop. If not I hop back on my broomstick empty handed to nurse said child. So you can see how me (my mom, inlaws, children, husband (happy wife happy life and all that) would greatly appreciate a VIP pass).
This is not a tale of woe but a tale of look at how lucky I am to have all these wonderful people in my life and please let a Lily lady have a break. If granted a VIP pass I promise to bring a bottle of my new favorite BC wine to share.

Your breastfeeding fan Emily