Monday, March 2, 2009

Janis Joplin Would be Proud

So, we've been all about scarves this past week here in the studio... printing on psychedelic papaya and electric lime, I've decided to call this funky style of scarves the "Janis Joplin". Printed with Indian paisley, guns, feathers and tigers. Janis Joplin would definitely be tripping out wearing our wicked new Spring scarves. Love you Janis. xo tara


Holland G. said...

Tiger, tiger, burning BRIGHT! Such lovely colours to drape over winter browns, blacks, and blues - instant cheerfulness in scarf format. And their production is so perfectly in tune with the sudden appearance of all the spring flowers: the white snowdrop, purple crocus, yellow daffodil, and pink cherry blossom are similarly brightening gardens and streetscapes. Welcome back, Spring!

Matthew and Delana said...

Wish I May.. Wish I might.. Please let me be the lucky lily lady on that special night!!
PS- Love the fabulous scarf colors!
PPS- My husband would be forever grateful, as he really doesn't want to stand in line forever again.
(pps- written by husband)

Green Lantern said...

I just bought 8 pairs of shoes/boots in 3 days and am dying to wear them with your works of art. I can't think of anything better to lift my spirits. Yay colour!!!!

Frangipangi said...

mmmmm... I love the flirty fresh colours that radiate SPRING. Although as I am writing this I am watching blustering snow descend upon us! yikes! I am sooo excited for the GS.... and to spice up my wardrobe with lily wear!!

Anonymous said...

We oh so need some bright cheerful scarves! Make spring show up sooner! :)