Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lily of the Jungle

My winter vacation took me from the Smoking Lily Main Street shop in Vancouver to the beaches and jungles of Maui.  I found my 5 year old Lily Utility Skirt to be the perfect hiking skirt.  Not only was blending into the background fun, the vertical zippers gave lots of leg room for clambering over roots and vines, the zipper pocket held my rental car keys (a beige Pontiac Sunfire - so exciting) and the larger pocket held my camera lens cap, and would have held a bottle opener if I had thought of it.  Fortunately we met some other, more equipped, hikers along the way (a bottle opener came standard with the wax comb on his surf shorts - brilliant!).

Here I am at Twin Falls less than two weeks ago after dining alfresco on smoked marlin, avocados, taro chips and locally brewed beer - mmm.  As usual I'm wearing Lily old and new.  The V-Neck Tank was so nice and light, and didn't show all the red volcanic dust like my (previously) white tank top did. 


cs said...
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cs said...

My grandmother use to say to me, "Sugar and Spice and all things Nice, that is what Smoking Lilly Gals are made of!"