Wednesday, March 11, 2009

GS Podcase

So the Garage Sale is just around the corner and we are coming up with all kinds of ideas to use up every last bit of fabric. Today we created a wool ipod case, and even more exciting it has deathstars on it!! (my favorite print).

In other news, check out this awesome cover of a classic Pat Benatar song at


sarahelder (on Twitter) said...

What is your address? I live in Victoria, haven't heard of you but would love to attend the Garage Sale.

Susan said...

I love the iPod case. I love the garage sale. I can't imagine not lining up–I've done it twice now with a friend and small children in backpacks. The small children are bigger now, the friend lives up island and I live on Salt Spring. Still, I'm hoping to come over for the sale!

michelle said...

love the ipod case, not as much as those amazing lap top cases i spied in the store today. LOVE them! and.... would also love to have my comment win me vip pass to the garage sale!!!