Friday, July 10, 2009

Steph gets Married

Steph's Dad Ray, and her Mom Deb walking Steph up the "aisle"

We are proud to announce that a little while ago, on June 27th 2009 Steph (one of our Lily designers as well as seamstress) married the love of her life, Ben. We are so happy for them, it's nice to see a reunion of such a perfect couple. Ben and Steph have known each other since they were teenagers, and (as Steph has admitted) she always knew he was the one. They got married in Beacon Hill Park, here in gorgeous Victoria. Steph wore a breathtaking white silk duppioni dress (hand made by her of course) and Ben and all his groomsmen were decked out in plaid ties (made by you guess who.) Everything was wonderfully romantic (with nice touches that still let us know it was infact Steph getting married), with the trees and the flowers as a backdrop and a bagpiper to lead them to and fro the "alter" (urns of flowers). Afterwards we had a tasty dinner in the backyard of Steph's parent's in law, good company, whitty speeches, a few drinks....and dancing of course! It was a marvelous wedding, and they will be contiuing the fairytale romance in a few weeks on their trip to India, bits of Asia and other equally jealousy worthy places. We wish all the best to Ben and Steph for their future of married couple-dom! We love you Steph!
P.S. Awesome job on the napkins. I felt bad wiping my mouth.

"You may now kiss the bride!" Sorry, we didn't have a shot of Ben's face.
Kissing is more interesting anyway.

Nicole, Trish, Steph and Rachael at the Reception


Anonymous said...

Totally Rad!!!!

Beth said...

Nicole has bangs!!