Friday, July 17, 2009

I can't believe it's bamboo.

Korinne just finished sewing the prettiest tunic top.  It is based on the Calamity Jane top but it is 12 inches longer and has a pretty butterfly printed on one of the two pockets.  The best part of the tunic though, is that it is made in 100% bamboo organza. 

Nicole is busy right now sewing up a new version of our Seville dress.  We scooped the neck and used a vintage looking brown cotton with a sweet Swiss dot.  Think  Julia Roberts at the horse races in Pretty Woman.

In other news, we had an in house contest open to only Smoking Lily staff this week.  The contest was to come up with an idea for staff uniforms.  All of their ideas were good, one person suggested purple tear-aways, which was pretty funny, someone had quite an ingenious plan that used up surplus materials, there were Arnold Swartzenagger quotes, and  lots of apron ideas but my favourite is this one..." To me, the answer is obvious ... anything and everything we've already made!  Smoking Lily is the uniform, with a wide range of beautiful pieces you can mix and match..." Congratulations Steph, you're the winner!  Good job ladies,  I had a lot of fun going through your responses.

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