Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heres looking at you,kid!

We've been a busy lot at the studio these passes couple of weeks.  We are slowing getting through the pile of samples we need to make for our new fall line, it's peoples birthdays, its vacation time, wedding time and on top of that we have started making some kid's clothes.  
The first piece hit the shelves a couple of days ago and it is pretty damn cute.  It's the Ebba tunic, named after one of our seamstresses kid's.  The Tunic was inspired by an apron my great grandmother made just before she passed away in 1971.... Thanks Beppa!  I tried to get Ebba to model it for us but there was no way she was going to let any one photograph her.  Her class mate Erika was happy to step in her place though.  Erika is going into grade one this fall to give you an idea of her size but I also just got a note from Glenda saying she sold one to a ten year old girl who was going to move the buttons... we left the strap plenty long for you to adjust.  We have used bits of left over fabric, the straps are scraps from the John Wayne with lace left over from the Seahorse Blouse we did last season and the rest is left overs from the apron, Galloping Goose skirt and the Calamity Janes and whatever else we can find.   
A delivery guy just dropped off 465 lbs. of fabric ..... we are all ohhing and awwing over all the prettiness to come.


stephanie said...

THis piece is darling - any ideas how much it will cost? Thanks & xoxo

Smoking Lily said...

Thanks Stephanie, the price is $78.00 and I forgot to mention that it is fully lined.

Anonymous said...

That's my girl in the pics! Very cute piece, I think we will have to get one now that I've seen it on her!:D