Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hastings Park

I spent Canada Day afternoon betting on the thoroughbred ponies, drinking cider and socializing with friends. It was a ton of fun, particularly since the gal who organized the outing got us into the winner's circle to be photographed with her parents horse (yes the horse came first, no I didn't bet correctly), and into the barns afterward to pet the beauties. My Lily Pony Express Bag held all the important accessories - camera, pens, note book, phone to call my Dad for tips...

My profits after buying a race form, drinking and placing bets were a whopping 10 cents! A little ridiculous, but coming out of a great afternoon of entertainment with the pocket book no lighter was a little satisfying too.

The broadest tip I got was to always bet on a grey horse in a long race. There was a 50% success rate that day. The tip that led to most of my winnings was to compare the jockey's percentages as well as the horse's current year and lifetime earnings (you need the full form for this, not just the program). At Hastings Park the favorites are favorites for a reason, so it's good to Exactor Box them with the horse you've liked most when you've done the handicapping.

Do you have tips that have worked for you? Pass them on, an easy bet would be that I'll be back at the track this summer.

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Anonymous said...

I like to chat up the old boys and copy there forms. Won me $65 and had a very entertaining conversation. Good Luck next time out!