Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's Hot

Oh my goodness, it is so hot here right now.  We've been busy and with the heat we have neglected  our blog.  There are a few things we have been working on this past week.   We found some beautiful white eyelet lurking in the back corner and have decided to make some of the Calamity Jane's.  We have just cut a huge load of Clover Point Smocks and they should be ready in a few days.  Fabric was ordered this week for a new black sleeveless summer frock (it's all about the LBD) and Nicole is just finishing up the High Tide Pants in 70's Denim. We bought and washed 45 men's shirts and Steph is making more John Wayne's  and Korrine just finished the first run of chocolate brown Ampersand Tunics, so pretty.  We sold out of the Market Dress but found a new cotton jersey to replace it plus we shortened it to knee length.  Glenda is taking photos of all the new stock tonight and the should be posted on the site tomorrow.  


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