Thursday, April 29, 2010

St. Awesome

Hello fellow height-challenged Smoking Lily shoppers! This is Erin from the Vancouver shop reporting in with the awesome results of my St. Augustine hem-shortening experiment.

For ages now, I've been looking at this incredibly cute (and waist-flattering!) frock and sighing; while the "church length" the dress comes with is fantastic for tall gals and anyone looking for a little knee coverage, it's not so hot on us 5'2" ladies. Then, last week, inspiration struck! Why didn't I just take it to the seamstress across the street and have her lop five inches off? (How long did it take me to figure this out? I'm such a genius, I know...) I am happy to say the shortened hem worked out beautifully and I highly recommend it for my fellow vertically-disinclined fashionistas. Success!

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