Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Give Me A C!

To beat the 89 degree heat I'm wearing the Clover Point Dress (from 2 summers ago). This shot was taken at the Gobi Tent where I saw Devo! and Band of Skulls and Gil-Scott Heron and...

I had days One and Two really well researched (as other concert going friends will recall that I love to do - right Trish?!). Day Three was a bit more of an experiment.

This is the view from the entrance to the massive polo fields (had to be massive to hold the 75,000 strong crowds). Christina's sporting a Lily V-Neck Tank, and a very handy Coachella fan they were handing out on the way in.

I'm happy to report that the Q Dress is mighty comfortable in 90 degree heat - yay linen!. The Palm leaf headdress was just a ridiculous moment.

A short hike out in the Palm Springs wilderness turned into 4 hour trek, but it was really worth it. The desert has Lily's creepy and beautiful esthetic down pat!

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trish said...

the Q looks great on you Glenda. Love your accessories.