Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Hearts Go Out to Haiti

As I am sure you are all very aware, January 12th this year saw a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti just west of the capitol, Port-au-Prince. With estimates of casualties now in excess of 200,000, the images of devastation coming out of the country have been absolutely heartbreaking.

Haiti is obviously going to need all of our help for some time to come; as a bonus, it feels really good to be part of the proverbial solution (someone should mention this to Pat Robertson)! Here at Lily our fearless leader, Trish, has been donating $100 to the Red Cross for every Smoking Lily gal who gives blood. The ladies at the studio got to thinking, however, about what we could do to help get you, our fabulous customers, in on the act and came up with Hearts for Haiti, a take on our popular leather brooches. Printed in smashing colours and backed with felt, the full $6 sale price of these little guys goes to the Red Cross and their efforts in Haiti. If you're yet to make a donation, these pins are a fun way to start; if you've been a donating machine these past weeks, they also make fabulous gifts (glenda and I thought they were very Valentine's appropriate in a strange sort of way).

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