Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Camping

Winter is upon us - but camping continues. I donned my Lily Wool Vest (in-between a silk undershirt and a down sweater) and was off to experience sleeping and fishing through sub zero temperatures. It was a blast! The Squamish River Valley is gorgeous and though the fish weren't biting, the hikes were a satisfying end in themselves.

This New Years Eve, I'll be going a tad more comfy - a roof, running water and a wood stove, with hot springs nearby - dreamy. I think I'll take some Lily slippers along for cozy feet at the cabin.

Oh... the Vest was great survival gear, and I'll be wearing it to a Christmas party over a ruffled sleeve tee with the Hester Skirt and some sparkly tights - yay versatility!

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Sight Seer said...

Good for you! I think Camping anytime of the year is a fantastic adventure!