Thursday, February 26, 2009


Monday marked the first class of Smoking Lily's inaugural screen printing workshop! It was a very informative evening led by Trish, who satisfied many of our curiosities while guiding us through the fundamentals and techniques of this beautiful art. We were put to work right away with hammers and staple guns, building wood frames and laying out our screens...whew! I have to admit that I broke a bit of a sweat yanking that screen and shooting all those staples. Our hard work certainly payed off though; by the end of the night we each placed our completed screens on the rack, all ready for the next step...which happens next Monday. I can't wait! In the mean time, we all have a bit of homework: artwork! This week we have to prepare our silk-screen image...oh, the possibilities.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to introduce myself on the blog here...I'm Devon! I'm the newest addition to the Smoking Lily clan. I've been keeping busy in the Victoria shop, and more recently I've been helping with production in the studio as well. I LOVE being creative and working with my hands...since silk-screening has been on my list of 'awesome skills to learn' for awhile, I thought I would sneak into the class!

To be cont...after day 2.

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