Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We are happy to unveil a line of Smoking Lily bedding!

Above are a few photos of the stock that arrived in Vancouver today. More photos and details will be posted on the website tomorrow.

The children's blankets are patchwork masterpieces using a plethora of beautiful cottons with bold Lily prints. You'll find giraffes, tractors, obi flowers and flyz all intermingled with lovely Japanese cottons. The blankets are quilted for warmth and durability.

The Vintage Wool Blankets have been lovingly adorned with silk patchwork.

And last, but not least, we are making Duvet and Pillow Sets! They are so gorgeous. Each set is unique with regard to background fabrics, prints and patchwork placements.

All items are available in Smoking Lily shops as I post this - yipee!


Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I'm happily starting to panic! :)

Anonymous said...

Finally! I have always wanted Smoking Lily bedding. Love the bedding!!!! Especially the pillow cases. Can't wait to see it on my bed and have cozy and happy sleeps.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely - nicely done!

p.s. Do you have dimensions for the kid's quilt?

Andry said...
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