Friday, August 7, 2009


1. Smoking Lily is Hiring!

Next week I start a new position as a Personal Trainer! I'm pretty excited to be putting my education to use and pursuing something I'm quite passionate about. I'm a bit of a fitness fanatic...So, this means Smoking Lily needs to replace me. Do you LOVE Smoking Lily? Would you LOVE to work in the shop? If so, please come by the studio (1221 Warf Street - above the Pita Pit) with your resume; we would LOVE to meet you!

2. Introducing...the 2009 Fall Line

This weekend, fresh new Smoking Lily wear for your fall wardrobe is going to start trickling into the shops. Very exciting! In the photo, I'm wearing the sweet new wool jersey top Steph finished sewing this week, called the Petra.


Anonymous said...

Great bag...Do you have any of these in Red - with other graphics (ampersand, modern bike, etc?) Pics?

Sheila said...

I link to your main site whenever I wear a Smoking Lily piece (I have a scarf, two obis and a skirt, so far). Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the quality, design and quirkiness of your pieces of wearable art - thank you for maintaining such a high standard and for creating such beauty.