Friday, December 5, 2008

Forget about the cold...we're busy with Spring!

Here in the studio we always have to be a step ahead so we've begun designing for Spring! The theme this spring is "under the sea" so what would be better than an apron with a windmill on it? There's nothing more under the sea than Holland. Well except for maybe things that are actually under the water literally.

We're also working on a new dress based on the "Seahorse Blouse". This dress has a keyhole opening instead of buttons and a cute flared skirt bottom. It comes in black, and it's so new that we are still thinking whether or not to print it, and with what and where.

What's the cutest skirt ever? The pothole skirt made in a beige stretch cotton printed with the all over "plate" print is! Available to you right at this very moment!

We're also really liking the bamboo fabric these days. And what's not to like? This material is amazingly soft and is a sustainable resource...bamboo just keeps on growin' and doesn't need much water! We've altered our "Forget me knot" top into the "Forget the Knot" top to bring you the most comfortable good looking scoop neck top you'll ever put on.

Keep posted for even more stuff to come in the new year, but in the mean time....Merry Christmas!

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